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A new film about Victor Tsoi will be released in 2020

One of the ways to perpetuate famous people in history is shooting documentaries and feature films about them. So, the Russian director Alexei Uchitel plans to start shooting a new film about the death of Viktor Tsoi “Forty-seven” in mid-2019, the premiere is scheduled for 2020. At the moment, casting is underway.

“Defenders” - will there be a season 2

The Netflix service has not yet decided on the extension of one of its most popular series “Defenders” for the 2nd season, the release date of the series of which is unknown, the actors and the plot have been announced, the trailer has not yet been released. In the new season, completely new characters may appear who will perform feats together with other heroes.

The most depressed city in Russia. Torzhok

Further words and photos of the author - Sergey Anashkevich. ... in general, I don’t understand why Bondarchuk built multimillion-dollar scenery for the film "Stalingrad." You could just get out of here cars with advertising and boldly shoot episodes of the war. Do you want to see what the city looks like, which was so laid bare in the Interns and understand why it fell under the distribution?

Top 10 films about the meaning of life

The search for the meaning of life has always occupied the minds and imagination of every person. During life, at least once, but a thought flashes through why we all exist, why each of us lives. People begin to read books, explore the world. People leave the comfort zone in order to feel the light breath of freedom that accompanies the moment of awareness of the main issue in life.

"Beautiful Era" - a French comedy about time travel

Technology does not stand still, and virtual reality has become more convincing. This is no longer an illusion of alternative, but the whole world. A new service has appeared - a person can choose any era in the past and plunge into it with his head. The protagonist of the new French comedy "Beautiful Era" will go on such a journey, the release date of the film in Russia is November 28, 2019, the cast, story and trailer in Russian have already been announced.

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It became known when the 7th season of Game of Thrones will be released: IMDb movie catalog was the culprit

The premiere date of the next season of Game of Thrones became known by chance: the IMDb website published a list of episodes and indicated a specific number in front of each. So, next to the first series of the seventh season was the date of June 25th. After some time, representatives of the portal, realizing a mistake, deleted the information, but several thousand visitors still managed to see the date of the premiere.

Super Shadows. Illustrations by Jason Ratliff

Who do the kids want to be like? Of course, on superheroes. About the dreams of girls and boys, American designer Jason Ratliff is well aware. He created a series of amazingly colorful prints on which dreams are illustrated with shadows. It would seem ordinary daredevils, but in the soul - supermen!

Mysterious White Horse in Episode 5

The bloody and cruel 5 episode 8 of the Game of Thrones season 8 ended in an almost silent scene - a mysterious white horse appeared in the frame, but what does this mean and why is it so symbolic for Arya? By the way, it was the figure of the horse that the girl clutched in her hand, which Arya tried to save with her mother. At the end, we are shown footage where the mother and daughter are lying embraced in the form of ash, and in the hand of that same girl is a small toy in the form of a horse (with the same red hoofs).

New trailer and release date for the Game of Thrones finale

HBO finally decided to throw fresh information about the final season of the most popular series in the history of the television game Game of Thrones. There is no doubt that the army of his fans will outnumber even the army of the King of the night. As there is no doubt that we already know the release date of the first of six episodes of the eighth season and which directors worked on them.

Top 10 Best Adventure Films

What could be better than family watching movies? Only viewing adventure films. Everyone wants to be in the center of an exciting journey, but we all know that what is seen on the screen will never be realized. All the more attractive for us to look at the revived mummies and exhibits.

25 top rated TV shows worth your time

While the whole world is worried about the fate of the characters of the Game of Thrones, we have prepared for you a selection of 25 cool TV series that have high marks, a twisted plot, amazing actors, and which are in no way inferior to the television adaptation of the works of George R. R. Martin. Crash / The Fall Genre: Thriller, Drama, Crime IMBD Rating: 8.

After (After) - each country will have its own version of the film

The latest news about the film "After / After" (2019), the footage from the filming of which is presented below, became known. Its Russian release date is set for April 18, 2019, and the rating of expectations is estimated at 92%. It is very interesting that each country will have its own version of the film in accordance with the target audience.

13 difficult films about the life of adolescents

Adolescence is a difficult time that costs parents and surrounding nerves and gray hair. Even prosperous children can start throwing out amazing fortels. But some cases are especially severe. Welcome to the Rileys, 2010 Drama in which Kristen Stewart demonstrated that she can play, not just portray a vampire.

Cannot Be Exiled: Will Sony and Disney Re-Share Spider-Man

Disney exorbitantly greedy for financial matters regarding the Spider-Man franchise, and the copyright holder decided to take his hero back. However, rumors appeared about the preparation of a new agreement between Disney and Sony. Will Spider-Man stay in the Marvel Cinematic Universe or leave it forever?

11 NBC Channel's Best Series

If you believe Wikipedia, then the American television channel NBC produced and showed more than a hundred different series. What just did not go out in their broadcast line: from the main hit of the eighties "Santa Barbara" to the "Clinic", which a couple of years ago introduced us to JD and Terk. We selected 11 of the most interesting series that premiered at NBC.

Top 10 Vampire Movies

We live in an era when monsters from nightmares became objects of adoration and imitation. Vampires are a standard of beauty and a symbol of eternal life. These mystical creatures attracted the attention of the film industry, and she gave us paintings depicting the life of these beautiful creatures. To plunge into the atmosphere of immortality, darkness and mystery, we offer you top films about vampires.